Fills from songs across genres made in porcelain indicating the importance of the pause.


    Three containers with the words MOUNTAIN WATER MOUNTAIN in Gil Sans fond type made with moss. On top of the containers is a viewing platform and on the side a description of the view.

Ooh Ooh Ooh

The potential of the pause in creative production. A commission for Universal Music London 2018.

New York New York

Sound Performance and Installation at Stokkøya, Norway 2016   A collaboration between Giselle Tanabe, Mark Coorfield-Moore, Harrison Moore and Kirsten Bertelsen


Sound Installation Maskinhuset Grängesberg, Sweden 2018 The works for the exhibition Maj at Maskinhuset, contained two audio pieces inspired by the local author Maj Hirdman using my own writing exploring break up and disintegration.


Group Exhibition at The Bomb Factory Foundation London, UK 2018   A den made from black molton suspended from the ceiling and placed in a corner of the gallery with two single channel speakers inside playing a series of completed chapters using sounds and monologue. The monologues were aiming to present aspects of shame in …

It Will be Fine

Stokkoyart Collaborative residency 2017 It Will be Fine takes its inspiration from the idea of anthropomorphism. In a series of interviews with local residents and visitors, we investigated the projection of human emotions onto nature. We also conducted an interview with the cliff as well as having lunch with the cliff. In collaboration with Aukse …

Finding Kjølna

Site Specific Installation Stokkøya, Norway 2018   Language, miscommunication, mapping the territory and myth creation were the concepts explored in the development of the installation Finding Kjølna. A response to the physical environment was combined with reflections on wider concerns, such as the current scenario of post-truth politics, ubiquity of information and the sense of …